by Nicolai

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A remix/cover of Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain" with added rap verses. Chorus sung by Terry Nguyen


Last night, I prayed to God it would rain
'Cause for the first time in my life, I cried and I wanted to hide my pain
I ain’t afraid to admit it, put my brain to the limit
To think about the situation and all the tears that fell in it
We put our minds on the line, in our search for the answer
In the dance with disaster we had the nerve to go faster
Swerving and dodging the truth, laughing and calling it stupid
All alone in our own world, just frozen in time
Face the lines that we’re drawing all over again
Redefining what’s wrong until we’re older and then
Trying to take back the time we misplaced and wasted
Erased and set back, time and again
And I’ll never forget, but I don’t want to remember
All the words that you said, and all the times we were together
But I’m bound to break, and you won’t even look back
And watch me as my body begins to relapse
Collapse into a pile of sand, dust, and ash
Blow away with the wind, and scatter it all back
I’m avoiding the truth, and you’re avoiding me now
Hoping I’ll forget about the things they’re talking about
I’ve been hearing around, and I’m just about done
Done with trying to be who you want me to become
I’m done with trying to be what you want me to become

I’m so used to falling I don’t even know how
To stand up straight, face to face, with myself anymore
Face my eyes that are judging everything that I’ve done
And piercing right back at me with the aim of a loaded gun
And once more, I’m stepping in the realm of the unknown
Cuz I’ve long forgotten how it feels to be home
And I’ve grown accustomed now to being alone
And I’m so familiar with the sound of a ringing phone
Cuz my eyes can see, but the heart is so blind
If I could just rewind back a couple of times
Until I’m frozen looking back on a shell of myself
I wish I was half the man that I was telling myself
If you could only see me for who I’m trying to be
And stop looking at me how you want me to be
Stop trying to make me into what you want me to be

You’ve got me in a position that I don’t like to be in
Deciding my intuition is guiding me off a whim
And riding me into winter without a coat or a glimpse
Of any chance of solidarity driving me from within
I’ve gotta make decisions without emotional twisters
Deciding my inhibitions and guiding all of my vision
I’m fighting to control the man I’m slowly becoming
And running from the face I’m afraid of falling in love with


released May 4, 2012



all rights reserved


Nicolai Austin, Texas

Austin-based rapper

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